Social Night Table Reservation Guidelines

Thank you for registering for the 2018 CFC-FFL National Conference. We look forward to seeing you at our Social Night. The following list of guidelines will help you make a table reservation for the Social Night.

  • All participants are to make table reservations in advance.
  • Tables can be reserved for groups of 10.
  • Those who do not make reservations in advance will be seated randomly based on available seats.
  • A designated Group Requestor (by Area/Zone) can make table reservations for multiple groups
  • Table seating requests (i.e., proximity) for same Areas/Zones/Chapters will be considered to the extent possible, with no guarantees, especially if request is not made in advance.
  • Any special requests will be reviewed and approved by the Reservation Committee.
  • Table assignment cards will be given to each Conference participant by way of their Conference packets.
  • Table place cards will be placed on the table where participants will be assigned to.
  • All table requests will be made by completing the Table Reservation Form (see below).
  • Last day to submit table reservation request will be on June 22, 2018.
  • Please send your completed Table Reservation Form to Bro. Paul Baysa at

Please download the form below.

Social Night Table Reservation Form